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A Mortgage, Real Estate and Insurance Company

Arbor Financial Group, Your Boutique Lender

With a combined thirty years in the lending and insurance industries, Arbor Financial Group is recognized as a solutions-oriented firm known for creative strategies, personable service, and driven representatives. Our team is a varied group of talented advisors and experts who devise tailored plans around each client’s priorities. We take a personal approach, evaluating each individual’s desires and concerns as it pertains to their short- and long-term goals.

Given the fast-paced nature of today’s economy, Arbor Financial Group offers relevant resources for the modern day consumer. As a trusted resource, we go to great lengths to offer and advise on services designed to protect assets, manage growth and ensure prosperity by researching the best rates and terms available. Our keen understanding of the market–and the knowledge to expound upon it – has kept us grounded and is leading us and our clients through the recession towards a bright future.

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